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    Vedanantaka Liniment

    About the Vedanantaka Liniment Vedanantaka Liniment is a combination of different Ayurvedic components, such as Pinda taila, Dhanvantaram taila and Narayana taila. Vedanantaka Liniment is applied directly in the skin following...

    Kshirabala Taila

    Size: 100ml   Note: Important Product Information Ayurveda has a very different approach as compared to western science. Our customers must note due to European laws and regulations, not all applications...

    Bhringamalakadi Taila

    Sri Sri Tattva Bhringamlakadi Taila is a medicated oil prepared from a combination of exquisite herbs.  Key benefits include improving hair quality and preventing premature graying of hair and hair...

    Shankara Hydrating GIFT SET

    An everyday hydration ritual, this Trial Gift Set is curated with travel size packs of our most loved skincare essentials. Clean ingredients, carefully chosen as prescribed in ancient Ayurveda, such...

    Body Oil

    Sri Sri Tattva Body Oil has a cooling effect on the body. Massage your body regularly with this herbal oil and give your skin the nourishment it requires. How to...
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