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    Sudanta Toothpaste 100g

    €6.95 €3.95
    Smile confidently with Sri Sri Tattva’s Sudanta Toothpaste, for complete oral care. Its Ayurvedic herbal formulation supports in taking care of daily dental care and gives a long lasting freshness...

    Sudanta Gel Toothpaste

    €6.95 €4.50
    Traditionally, charcoal is known to have tiny pores that absorb impurities from the teeth.Sudanta Gel Toothpaste is made of natural ingredients and 100% traditional Ayurvedic herbs.Our toothpaste is made with...

    Sudanta Tooth Drops

    DAILY AYURVEDIC DENTAL CARE: We make daily dental care more effective by infusing powerful herbs along with a pleasant flavour. Sudanta Tooth drops is made up of natural ingredients and 100%...

    Tongue Cleaner - Copper (Antioxidant Coating)

    Sri Sri Tattva’s copper tongue cleaner is made up of pure copper. In Ayurveda copper holds great significance with scientific health benefits. It's the right time to get rid of your...

    Tongue Cleaner - Steel

    Sri Sri Tattva’s steel tongue cleaner is made up of pure steel. It's the right time to get rid of your plastic or other metal tongue cleaners and get the best product suitable...
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