Natural Skin Care Blueprint 

Price: Euro 99

A 5 Day workshop

Day 1: Explore the connection between digestive health and skin vitality. 

Day 2: Tailor your skincare routine to your unique body type. 

Day 3: Learn which foods nourish your skin type. 

Day 4: Techniques for stress and emotional release to improve skin health. 

Day 5: Ultimate secret to healthier Digestion & Skin rejuvenation. 

Day 1

What You Will Gain from the Workshop:

Deep Insights: Understand the critical but often overlooked connection between your gut health and skin condition. Discover why issues on your skin are more than just superficial and actually reflect deeper imbalances in your gut.

Early Detection Skills: Learn how to identify signs of poor digestion, which are key indicators of toxins accumulating in your body. These skills will help you take action before issues become more severe.

Comprehensive Knowledge on Skin Health: Receive a thorough overview of the most common skin issues such as Acne, Hyperpigmentation, Eczema, and Rosacea. This knowledge will empower you to effectively address and manage your specific skin concerns.

Practical Wellness Tips: Gain practical advice on how to maintain healthy digestion to prevent the buildup of toxins. Learn how minor adjustments in your daily routine and diet can significantly enhance both your gut and skin health.

Advanced Detoxification Strategies: For those dealing with high levels of toxins that lead to chronic conditions, discover the benefits of specific detoxification treatments like Panchakarma. Understand how these treatments can help restore balance and promote long-term health.

Day 2

What You Will Gain from the Workshop:

Understanding Body Types:

Learn about the different Ayurvedic body types (doshas): Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.

Discover how your body type affects your skin’s characteristics and needs.

Personalized Skincare Strategies:

Vaidya Lakshmi will provide insights on creating skincare routines that align with your specific dosha for balance and optimal results..

Natural Skincare Solutions:

Dive into natural alternatives to conventional skincare products.

Learn about herbal and organic remedies that are effective and safe for each body type.

Adapting to Environmental Changes:

Understand how to modify your skincare approach as you move across different environments or as seasons change.

Practical tips on protecting and nourishing your skin against environmental stressors.

Interactive Q&A Session:

Engage directly with Vaidya Lakshmi during the Q&A segment to ask specific questions about your skincare concerns and receive personalized advice

Day 3

What You Will Gain from the Workshop:

Tailored Nutrition and Habits: 

Gain insights into the right foods and habits that align perfectly with your body type, enhancing both health and skin.

Ayurvedic Herbs for Each Body Type:

Learn about the specific herbs that complement different body types, maximizing their benefits for your health and skin.

Stimulating Marma Points: 

Discover how to activate the marma points of your body to improve energy flow and enhance overall well-being.


Day 4

What You Will Gain from the Workshop:

Stress Management for Holistic Health: 

Stress management can not only transform your mental well-being but also significantly improve your skin's health. Learn techniques that help reduce stress and promote a clearer, more vibrant complexion.

Aligning with the Ayurvedic Clock:

Learn how to tailor your daily routine in accordance with the Ayurvedic clock to best suit your unique body type. Understanding the optimal times for activity, rest, and nourishment can enhance your overall energy and skin vitality.

Practical Implementation Tips:

Gain actionable tips and insights to seamlessly integrate these practices into your daily life. 

Day 5

What You Will Gain from the Workshop:

Digestive Health Impact

Poor digestion leads to toxin accumulation (ama) in the body, which negatively affects skin health and overall wellness.

Role of Detoxification

Detoxification is crucial for eliminating these toxins to prevent various health and skin problems.


How to Get Detox

Begin with our detox program where you will get step by step guidance

on daily routine and dietary can also go for consultation and take panchkarma under experts guidance.

Need for Proper Detox

Understanding when and how to detox is essential for rejuvenating the body’s systems and maintaining optimal health with clear, vibrant skin.

Why Detox is Performed

Detox supports organ health, boosts energy levels, enhances immune system function, improves skin quality, and promotes healthy lifestyle changes.

Assess Your Toxin Levels

Timing for Detox

Optimal times for detox include seasonal transitions (spring and fall) and periods of increased stress or unhealthy eating habits.

Do you think your skin will be healthy if your digestion is not good an it is accumulating toxin in your body. 

Take the Quiz: Find out your current levels of Ama by taking our short quiz. This will help you determine if it’s time for a detox. [Insert Quiz Link].

Quiz Results and Recommendations:

Score 10-50: It’s advisable to consult with a specialist to discuss potential detox options.

Score 50-100: Plan for a detox within the next one to two months.

Score 100-150:We recommend scheduling an immediate detox to address high toxin levels.

These insights from the quiz will guide you towards making informed decisions about the detox practices that could be most beneficial for you.

Add ons


65Euro-30min/ 120Euro-60min

For deeper personalised diet, healthy issue solution, understanding when to detox and quick fix solution please take consultation immediately.

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