Why Detox Program?

Spring is a time of rebirth - both in nature and in our bodies.

Winter is associated with the vata dosha, which combines the elements of air and space.

These two elements bring the characteristics of cold and dry, which encourages us to eat

more heavy, warm and rich foods that help balance vata dosha.

Spring, on the other hand, is associated with the kapha dosha and thus with the elements

of water and earth, which are heavy, moist and cold. This triggers in us a desire for light

food, which has cleansing effects, thus balancing the kapha dosha characteristics.

Improper diet and lifestyle habits can cause us feelings of heaviness and congestion at

this time of year.

What you will get?

Core 14 days of cleansing

This detox lasts 14 days, everyday is guided by our expert Vaidya Lakshmi.

One to one with our experts

Our expert will be available to resolve all your queries and will be giving solution.

Community sharing

Community will help you pear leaning, following the schedule, learning from other experience.

Daily Routine

Daily routine is apart from 14 day detox guide line this you should follow through out your life.

Morning Routine

Specific morning routine to because everyone wants to start their day with freshness and energy.

Lifestyle routine

Choose a lifestyle that supports you. Surround yourself with things that lift your spirit mentally.

Program stages

The traditional Ayurvedic cleansing process involves four distinct phases, each of which is

critically important to the success of your detox:



Keep 7 hours a week and buy all the necessary

ingredients and supplies before starting the program.



A few days before the start of the cleanse, focus on cleaning up your diet and habits. Slowly and gradually start preparing your body for an effective cleanse.


Active detox

These days are the heart and essence of the cleansing process. Detailed instructions for this phase will be provided for you to enjoy a special detoxification diet


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The period of these 3 days allows your body to gradually transition and reactivate the agni (digestive fire) so that the digestive system can handle more complex food.


Detoxification isn't just about removing toxins from your body—it's about rejuvenating your system, enhancing your energy levels, and boosting your overall health. Here are some reasons why you might want to consider a detox:

Increased Energy and Vitality

Removing toxins can significantly improve your energy levels, making you feel more active and vibrant.

Improved skin and hair health

Regular detox can lead to clearer, more radiant skin as impurities are removed from your body.

Weight loss

Regular detox can lead to clearer, more radiant skin as impurities are removed from your body.

More balanced digestion and metabolism

Detoxing helps reset your digestive system, aiding in better nutrient absorption and digestion.

Support Immune Function

Better sleep

Mental and emotional clarity

Mental and emotional clarity

Regular detox can lead to clearer, more radiant skin as impurities are removed from your body.

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