Quin Bite Choco Orange box
Quin Bite Choco Orange new flavour
Quin Bite Choco Orange box with bars
Quin Bite Choco Orange with orange juice
Quin Bite Choco Orange with fruits
Quin Bite Choco Orange bar
Quin Bite Choco Orange with other bars

Quin Bite Bio Choco Bio Orange | Raw Bars | Box with 12 bars


    QUIN BITE Choco Orange is inspired by the zesty fresh orange flavour which will make you feel good and fresh all over and awake your senses to the fullest.


    12 units per box:
    Quin Bite Choco Orange comes in a box with 12 individual raw bars.


  • Our Quin Bite Choco Orange is filled with benefits and flavours of fresh oranges making them a perfect bar to rejuvenate yourself anytime of the day. 


  • Our bars are high in nutrition which makes it perfect for breakfast tables to boost up your energy levels for the day ahead. 

  • All our products are 100% GMO AND Gluten-free.

  • QUIN BITE Choco Orange is suitable for all age groups and is filled with immense nutrients and delicious choco orange flavour making it everyone’s choice. 

  • Our bars do not include any sort of artificial sugar or chemical flavouring agents. 

  • Our bars come in a pocket-friendly size which is easy to carry and perfect for a quick break during any time of the day.


    Ingredients for Quin Bite Choco Orange:

    All customers kindly note that all the ingredients used by our partner brand in Quin Bite Choco Orange are procured from organic agriculture only.

    Dates, Cashew, Orange oil 0.05%, Chocolate chips, Cacao powder. 

    Know Quin Bites

    Our partner brand QUIN BITE stands for everyone’s happiness and delight. Their inspiration lies in some of the most popular favourite desserts around the world which they decided to make with simple raw ingredients.

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