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    Quin Bite Bio Choco Mint

    Our QUIN BITE Choco Mint is inspired by the refreshing and rejuvenating taste of fresh mint and pieces of raw chocolate chips packed with love and health.   Two VariantsSingle...
    Quin Bite Bio Hazelnut | Raw Bars

    Quin Bite Bio Hazelnut

    Our QUIN BITE Hazelnut by our partner brand is inspired by the irresistible soft taste of pure hazelnut-chocolate cream loved by people all across the globe.   Two VariantsSingle Piece...

    Quin Bite Bio Brownie

    QUIN BITE Brownie is inspired by one of the most popular desserts across the planet i.e. chocolate brownie. We present you your favourite taste in a new healthier version with...

    Quin Bite Bio Blueberry

    QUIN BITE Blueberry is inspired by the most popular dessert muffin with blueberries, in a healthier and better version with a raw revolutionary recipe to satisfy your taste palates.  Two...

    Quin Bite Bio Choco Orange

    QUIN BITE Choco Orange is inspired by the zesty fresh orange flavour which will make you feel good and fresh all over and awake your senses to the fullest.  ...

    Quin Bite Bio Coco Choco

    Our QUIN BITE Coco Choco Vegan Raw Bar is inspired by the tempting taste of fresh coconut and raw chocolate chips, irresistible from the very first bite for children and...
    Quin Bite Bio Coconut | Raw Bars

    Quin Bite Bio Coconut

    QUIN BITE Coconut is inspired by the unique combination of the gentle and elegant flavour of coconut and cashew which will find its place in your heart and energise you...

    Quin Bite Bio Peanut Choco

    QUIN BITE Peanut choco is inspired by the fulfilling taste of yummy peanut butter and chocolate making it a perfect choice that will energize you and restore your vitality.  ...
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