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Transform Your Life With


Say goodbye to exhaustion, cravings, and feeling stuck.
Embrace a life of energy, balance, and radiant vitality.

Revolutionalize Your Health

Unleash the power of Ayurveda through our 12-module program, providing you with a step-by-step roadmap to overhaul your health and achieve lasting well-being.

Learn From the Best

Embark on your health transformation journey guided by the expertise of renowned Ayurvedic practitioner Vaidya Rakesh with over two decades of experience in guiding individuals towards holistic health.

Flexible On-Demand Learning

Enjoy the convenience of our on-demand program. Dive into lessons whenever it suits your schedule, allowing you to absorb Ayurvedic insights and practices at a pace that fits your lifestyle.

Unlocking Well-being

The Proven 12-Step Method to Achieve Your Goals

Mind: Own Your Happiness

Get introduced to Ayurveda and open your mind to a different approach to health.

Body: Treat It Like a Temple

From mind to body: discover your Dosha and make the first practical steps.
Dinacharya: Start the Day On the Right Foot
Ayurvedic Morning routine and hygiene, understanding the Dosha Clock.

Ratricharya: It's More Than Just Brushing Your Teeth

Evening routine and methods of relaxation before bedtime.
Sleep: No More Tossing and Turning
Learn the importance of proper sleep, with the help of special mudras - hand gestures, and meditation.
Energy Levels: Turn On Your Inner Power Button
Significance of the three Gunas - attributes, and how to raise energy levels.

Stress & Relaxation: Show Off Your Chill Skills

Get to know ways to effectively handle stress and how and when to relax.
Diet & Digestion: Good Food Equals Good Mood
Diet guidelines according to your Prakriti and the truth about alkaline water.
Immunity: Build Your Own Bulletproof Vest
Learn about detoxification methods and how and when to do them.
Habits: Break Up With Bad Ones For Good
Get to know ways to effectively handle stress and how and when to relax.
Relationships: Be Your Most Authentic Self
Diet guidelines according to your Prakriti and the truth about alkaline water.
Ritucharya: Get Over the Seasonal Blues
Learn about detoxification methods and how and when to do them.

Watch. Learn. Apply. Enjoy.

Experience a dynamic blend of video lessons, insightful PDFs, interactive quizzes, customized daily plans, profound reflections, and nourishing recipes. 

Your journey with us isn't just about acquiring knowledge; it's about transforming that knowledge into actionable steps that lead to your holistic well-being.

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How Transformation Feels

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the "Master Your Health" program about?
The "Master Your Health" program is a comprehensive self-paced journey that empowers you with the knowledge and tools to achieve optimal well-being using Ayurvedic principles.
How will the program be delivered?

The program is accessible through an online platform, allowing you to engage with video lessons, downloadable resources, and materials whenever it suits your schedule.
Are there any prerequisites for joining the program?
No prerequisites are required. The program is suitable for individuals of all backgrounds, whether you're new to Ayurveda or have prior exposure to its concepts.
How much time should I dedicate to the program each week?
The program is designed to be flexible, allowing you to progress at your own pace. While the time commitment varies, setting aside a few hours each week to engage with the content and apply the practices can yield significant benefits.
Can I interact with fellow participants or instructors?
The program content is pre-recorded and on-demand, which means there may not be live interaction with instructors or participants. However, we encourage you to engage with fellow participants in the program's discussion forums and share your experiences.
Is the program suitable for addressing specific health conditions?
While the program offers valuable insights into natural health and wellness, it's essential to consult a healthcare professional for specific health concerns. Ayurveda can complement conventional medical advice but should not replace it.
What can I expect to gain from participating in this program?
By enrolling in the "Master Your Health" program, you can expect to develop a deeper understanding of Ayurvedic principles, implement positive lifestyle changes, and gain the knowledge to support your ongoing journey towards holistic well-being.
Help! I've got a technical problem, who do I contact?
No worries. We've got excellent customer service, helping you with every turn or twist in the road. Our knowledgeable team will get you back on your ride, in no time at all. Email us on
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