Panchakarma is an intensive, multi-stage therapy that allows you to reach the source of ailments and remove the toxins causing them. Cleanses and nourishes the entire body. It supports health and activates natural self-healing abilities. Panchakarma is individually tailored to each person, considering their health, constitution and needs. The action of Panchakarma is aimed at renewing the body and mind, strengthening the immune system and improving overall health. It is not only physical cleansing, but also a process that has a beneficial effect on a person's emotional and spiritual aspects.

Benefits of Panchakarma

  • Improving concentration and mental clarity
    Cleansing the body has regenerative properties, which can improve concentration, memory and mental clarity.
  • Removing toxins
    Cleansing the body has regenerative properties, which can improve concentration, memory and mental clarity.
  • Strengthening the immune system
    Cleansing the body and restoring balance help strengthen the immune system, which allows the body to fight disease more effectively.
  • Improved digestion
    Panchakarma procedures support the healthy functioning of the digestive tract, which translates into better digestion and absorption of nutrients.
  • Stress reduction
    Panchakarma also works on the mind, helping to reduce stress and tension. This process can bring a feeling of relief and relaxation.
  • Reduction of chronic ailments
    It can be especially beneficial for people with chronic problems such as migraines, allergies, constipation or skin problems, helping to alleviate
  • Improved overall well-being
    Panchakarma restores harmony between the body and mind, which leads to overall improvement in well-being and increased energy.
  • Increasing body and mind awareness
    Panchakarma is not only physical cleansing, but also spiritual and emotional cleansing. Improving your mind-body awareness can help you better manage your energy and balance your life.

What is Panchakarma

Vaidya Dilbag Jindal explains the Ayurvedic Panchakarma technique

Schedule of Panchakarma Programs

  • Germany

European Yoga and Meditation Centre, Bad Antogast

15 - 22 September 2024

1 - 8 December 2024


  • Poland

Health Promotion Center, Taraska

12 - 21 April 2024  (only waiting list)

17 - 26 May 2024  (only waiting list)

6 - 15 September 2024

 20 - 29 September 2024


  • Lithuania

Palanga, "Zuvedra" hotel

17 - 25 March 2024


  • Hungary

Ensana Hotel Margitsziget

26 April - 1 May 2024


  • India

Sri Sri Ayurveda Hospital, Bangalore

13 - 22 October 2024

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Our Doctors

Vaidya Dilbag Jindal

Ayurvedic medicine doctor specializing in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases using herbs, a carefully selected diet and natural methods of supporting the body. Born in India, he comes from a family with a multi-generational medical tradition.

Currently lives and works in Poland.

Vaidya Neha Pandey

Empathic Ayurvedic physician with 4+ years of experience in nurturing patient well-being and facility sustainability. A self-driven learner with a commitment to constant personal and professional development.

Currently lives and works in France.

Dr. Payal Mehta

Dr Payal Mehta is a British Trained G.P., who has always been passionate about wellbeing and holistic health care. This has lead her to augment her traditional medical training with various other techniques and disciplines, including Nadi Pariksha. Lives and works in UK.