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What is our sustainable mission?

The biggest challenge that we face as a company aiming for sustainability is having resources that are socially, environmentally and economically supportive. This makes our mission much more than just displaying a fancy, colourful, recycled package on the store shelf.

Our duty is to make the whole journey of our product to be fair and in line with the core definition of sustainability. What does this mean? It means that we aim to have a clean and clear supply chain: from the moment our farmer has planted the seed in the ground, to the moment our employees place the product in the package.

Our mission is to make Ayurveda accessible for everyone in Europe and do it in a way that supports the people and environment. It is a mission of creativity and innovation and we want to take you with us on the way to become a fully sustainable company. Our aim is that every individual who buys our products can use it knowing that it has been made and distributed with awareness and a healthy attitude towards the world.

Growing together
Some of our work done so far
Over the last 17 years, Sri Sri Tattva supports the Art of Living Foundation and International Association of Human Values sustainable and social projects
Sustainable natural farming techniques
over 2.2 million farmers trained
Planting trees and sustaining the ecosystem
+ 10 million trees planted in 36 countries
River project: giving clean water access to poor communities
47 rivers revived and rejuvenated
Free education: providing school access to rural areas
175 schools
Women empowerment: creating opportunities for women
5,000 rural women in India trained

Our Pilot Project in Europe

We are working closely with a Netherlands-based premium spice company to set up a verified and food-safe supply chain of spices. The project is underway and focuses on whether and how agroforestry can be a way to grow spices sustainably and have a positive impact on farmers’ livelihoods, the environment, and climate.

Around 30 farmers are working on producing 10 tons of chilies and each farmer is incentivized by a premium scheme and provided with seedlings. They are also constantly trained and supported in keeping up to strict sustainability modules.

Sourced from sustainable farming.
Fair wages are given to everyone in the production line.
The packaging is recyclable.

Our 5 agriculture sustainability pillars

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