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Research Initiatives

Ayurveda, as ‘the science of life’, has a large scope: it considers the health and vitality of the entire planet, which includes plants, animals and humans. Sri Sri Tattva collects information and is involved in research in all of these domains: from natural farming and agroforestry to human nutrition and lifestyle to showcasing the functioning of Ayurveda in all these fields. Our aim is to serve our customers with objective, evidence-based Ayurvedic advice both in the field of agriculture and in the area of health and nutrition.

As we believe in the strength of merging the wisdom of East with the science of the West, we are currently working on adding an extra dimension to our tailor-made Ayurvedic consultation and treatment plan, making it personalized first on a gut microbiome level and then in the next couple of years at a genetic level correlated to the classification of Prakriti. Our investment in research not only benefits us as a company, but benefits society as a whole, and this is exactly what we are trying to accomplish by incorporating novel diagnostic tools to provide numeric data of the individual's health.

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