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Sleep Better with Ayurveda

Wednesday, July 31
19.30 - 20.15 hrs CEST
Vaidya Arunima Singh

About the Webinar

Women’s bodies are complex—and powerful. From monthly menstrual cycles through pregnancy, early motherhood, and menopause, the female body is constantly changing and adapting to all that life brings. And if due attention and care are not provided at the critical transitional phase, the over all well being of the caregiver, of the support system of most families, take a toll. 

Whether you’re married and raising a family, retired and flying solo, or anything in between, Ayurveda offers a wealth of practical knowledge to help you stay balanced at every age and stage of life. 

Sleep Better with Ayurveda

Too much on your plate that you are not able to give yourself a quality time? 

No time to take sufficient care of body -mind complex during the critical transition phase of your life? 

 Join Vaidya Arunima for a FREE interactive session where she will reveal Ayurvedic tips and techniques to manage sleep disorders!

In this webinar, you will learn:
  • Daily routines to maintain overall well-being.
  • Ayurvedic tips to support various phases of womanhood.
  •  Healthy food and herbal supplements to support  woman health
Perfect if you want to:
  • Maintain overall well being, holistic health.
  • Embrace each phase of womanhood with pride: Menstruation, Pregnancy, Menopause. 
  • Age graciously.

About Vaidya Monica Mohan Singh

The Dr. Monica Mohan has done her BAMS  from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health and Science, Karnataka, India and her masters studies  from Sri Sri College of Ayurvedic Science and Research, Bangalore, India. 
She carries with her more than 15 years of  experience in Nadi Pariksha (Pulse Diagnosis for holistic Lifestyle, nutrition consultation) and MARMA Therapy.  She also has expertise in eye treatment therapies, unique techniques such as Sadhvo Shodhana, Sira  Vyadha (Blood purification from toxic substances), Agni Karma (therapeutic heat burns) and Panchkarma
With the objective "To work with enthusiasm and passion so that my strong work ethic, education and skills can be used to contribute to the vision of promoting Ayurvedic healthcare globally”, she has been traveling and conducting seminars, presenting her work at conferences all over Europe since 2015.  
Vaidya Monica Mohan Singh
Wednesday, June 26th
19:30h - 20:15h CEST
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