Ayurvedic Gut Health Consultation

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Health history

An ancient diagnostic technique, to uncover the body's health status, providing insights into past and present health conditions.

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Protection from seasonal change

This diagnostic approach also helps understand the impact of Seasonal changes on the body, offering insights into the effects and adjustments needed for optimal health post-change.

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Personalised Diet

In an Ayurvedic consultation, diets are personalized, aligning with one's body type (dosha). These diets emphasize balancing doshas through specific food choices, herbs, and meal timings, promoting overall well-being and harmony. 

What Happens in gut health consultation?

In an Ayurvedic Nadi Pariksha consultation, the practitioner assesses the pulse to evaluate various bodily imbalances, determining one's constitutional dosha and health condition. This traditional diagnostic method examines the pulse's rhythm, strength, and subtle qualities, offering insights into current and potential health issues. The findings help tailor personalied treatments, lifestyle adjustments, and dietary recommendations for overall wellness.

In Ayurveda, each person's health is viewed uniquely, recognising that every body responds differently to treatments, 

making  the process  highly individualistic. 

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