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Eye Care Live Course


    The recent work from home trend  made us sit long hours staring at our digital devices. Now, an average person spends approx 10 hours in front of the screen, which has resulted in tired eyes and fluctuating visions. While it's not possible to cut down our screen time, it's always recommended to learn tips and techniques that will help you take good care of your eyes.

    Sri Sri Tattva brings to you ‘THE EYE CARE WORKSHOP’ a collection of sessions, to learn some techniques and facts about eyes. You will learn how by bringing small alterations in your lifestyle, you can nurture your eyes and can take utmost care of it. This will be a weekend immersion with more exciting and advanced things to learn.


    Benefits of the Eye Care workshop:


    • Practical workshop with live demonstration of eye exercises.
    • Discover what kind of impact the mind has on vision.
    • Learn to care for your eyes.
    • Learn to prevent eye disorders with simple lifestyle changes.
    • Follow a daily regime for healthy eyes.
    • Get tips on how to banish eye related issues.
    • The Eye Care Workshop prepare your own collyrium.
    • Enhance your vision with food recipes.
    • Discover home remedies for eye conditions.
    • Know about herbs that improve vision and how to make use of them.
    • Learn eye exercises for children, adults and the older generation.
    • Mudras for better vision.
    • Handy tips for good vision.
    • Live demonstration of many beneficial techniques


    About the Expert

    The Eye Care workshop will be conducted by Dr. Champavathi. She has completed her  MS in Shalakya tantra which includes Eye & ENT Ayurveda. With an Experience of 7years in eye and ent practice, she has undertaken several clinical studies on eye. She has also presented 6 national & 4 international  presentations in national & international conferences respectively. She has won best paper presenter award thrice. She is currently working as Eye and ENT specialist at Sri sri tattva panchakarma, INDIA.


    The flow of the Eye Care workshop

    The Eye Care live course will be conducted in two phases. Following are the contents that will be covered in both the phases :


  • Eye Care Workshop (Day -1)

    • Importance of vision and eye care
    • Tweaks in daily lifestyle for healthy eyes and clear vision
    • Do’s and don’ts for eyes.
    • Best foods for eyes.
    • Few eye exercises. ( 10 exercises)


  • Eye Care Workshop (Day - 2) – its continuation of one

    • Few more Tweaks in daily lifestyle for healthy eyes and clear vision
    • Best herbs for vision and methods to use them.
    • Eye exercises continuation ( 8 more exercises)
    • 3 mudras for healthy vision
    • Home remedies for eye problems
    • A set of morning routine, outing routine, office routine, night routine and stressed eye routine care methods.



    After registration, we will send a list of upcoming workshops to your email along with detailed instructions on how to watch the Live Sessions via Zoom. (this email can take up to 3 hours to reach your email box. In case you have any questions or need assistance about the Eye Care Live Course, please write to us at info@srisritattva.eu)

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