Ayurveda for Woman Health Care 

Date: Wednesday, May 29th 
Time: 19.30 - 20.15 hrs CEST
Vaidya Lakshmi

About the Webinar

Excessive screen time, both at work and home has resulted in a rapid decline of  eye health in the last decade (even more after the pandemic).  Common eye related concerns are dryness, itching, excessive watering, blurred vision, headaches and refractive errors - short or far sightedness, astigmatism and the list goes on. Even though eyes are so important for our healthy living, we tend to pay least attention to eye care. Eyes are one of the 5 senses through which we perceive the world. Eyes are also the windows to our health.
 In Ayurveda, there is a lot of emphasis on disease prevention by way of healthy lifestyle and food. Ancient scholars of Shalakya Tantra, a branch of Ayurveda, dealing with Eye and ENT (eye, nose and throat) disorders have explained different protocols, daily routine rituals, yogic practices, food, herbs, and Panchakarma therapies to maintain eye health and also to improve vision. In this interactive session, we will share some of these practices. 

Ayurveda for Optimal Eye Care 

Is your eyesight getting compromised with every passing day / month / year? 

 Join Vaidya Lakshmi for a FREE interactive session where she will reveal Ayurvedic tips and techniques for optimal eye care!

In this webinar, you will learn:
  • Daily routines to maintain healthy eyes.
  • Yogic practice and Panchakarma therapies.
  •  Healthy food and herbal supplements to boost eye care.

Perfect if you want to:
  • Maintain good vision.
  • Perceive the world at its best.
  • Explore ancient Ayurvedic practices for eye care.

About Vaidya Lakshmi Ravindranath

Alumni of Sri Sri College of Ayurvedic Science and Research College, Bengaluru AND BVP, Pune. Professional experience of 14 yrs in the field of Ayurveda. She has expertise in Ayurvedic pulse consultations, Panchakarma, teaching Panchakarma massage therapist courses, and has conducted more than 150 Ayurvedic online and offline workshops in the last 4 years. She is also a faculty with Art Of Living, Slovenia.
Vaidya Lakshmi Ravindranath
Wednesday, May 29th
19:30h - 20:15h CEST
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