ACE Affiliates Program

spreading the goodness of Ayurveda across Europe

  • Turn your passion into revenue

  • Learn to live better

  • Earn up to 24.000 Lev annually

With ACE, I've been able to optimize my time, create supplementary income, and fulfill my passion for Ayurveda .

Meri Correa

Why to become an ACE affiliate?

Side income
Earn points to redeem for Sri Sri Tattva products, Art of Living courses or cash without any upfront costs, investment or logistical headaches by simply spreading the word about Sri Sri Tattva Products among your friends and family network.
Tieredhttp Payouts
Grow within our program by leveling up to the next affiliate tier. Increase your commission rates from 10% to 15% and even 20%, based on your sales volume. Unlock the opportunity to offer premium products expanding your income streams and enriching your family and friends lifestyle.
Marketing Assets
We'll provide you with all the materials you need to promote our products effortlessly. Get ready for exciting challenges and access to an abundance of marketing materials, making it incredibly easy for you to reach your community.
Reliable Support
You'll have dedicated support from a knowledgeable individual who will be there to address your questions, concerns, and provide assistance every step of the way.
Performance Reports
Access personalized links to promote specific products via articles and videos. Additionally, monitor your performance to identify the most effective sales strategies.
Empowered by Inspiration

Share the joy of Sri Sri Tattva products, while helping enhance the lifestyle of your communities

ACE Affiliate Tiers

Continuous growth and development should always be encouraged.

Have fun with a benefit

up to 1200 Lev annually + gifts

Earn extra income

up to 5400 Lev annually + gifts

Gemo Wireless Headphones V3

up to 24000 Lev annually + gifts

Discount code




Commission in products sales


15% to 20%

15% to 20%


Your starting point

From the first month you reach 1000 Lev. You need to sell 1000 Lev + at least 3 from 6 consecutive months to keep the status.

3000 Lev sales onwards (products, on-demand videos and consultations sales). You need to sell 3000+ Lev at least 3 from 6 consecutive months to keep the status.

commission scales based on sales ranges

0 - 1000 Lev

1000 - 2000  Lev/ 15%

above  2000 Lev / 20%

1000 - 2000 Lev / 15%

above  2000 Lev / 20%

10% commission in on-demand videos and consultations sales




10% commission in Panchakarma sales





Gemo Wireless Headphones V1




Gemo Wireless Headphones V1




Gemo Wireless Headphones V1







Noise cancellation





Built-in mic

Built-in mic

Built-in mic


25 hours

30 hours

20 hours





Quick charge





Grow With Us

Grow your knowledge, skills & network

Grow your passion and find your purpose

We want you to grow with us and help us create a supportive environment for anyone and everyone who wants to be a part of the holistic health movement powered by Ayurveda.


Affiliates in Bulgaria

How to Get Started

01. Register to became an affiliate

After you apply to the program, we will review your application and contact you within 2-3 business days. Following this, you will receive an email containing your personal discount code.

01. Promote your discount code

Share your discount code or specific affiliate links within your network or group. We will ensure that you have ample promotional assets to facilitate your connections.

01. Redeem You Points

Once your contacts make a purchase using your discount code, you will receive points/commissions that you can exchange for cash, Sri Sri Tattva products, or Art of Living courses.

Our Vision & Mission

ACE was started with a vision to create a healthy community of Ayurveda enthusiasts in Europe. Sri Sri Tattva Europe is dedicated to introducing Ayurveda as a holistic health solution across Europe and creating a thriving community of healthy and happy individuals.

Our mission is to train an ever growing team of affiliates who will promote Ayurveda and Sri Sri Tattva's natural products. 

Why Sri Sri Tattva?

We are a 40-year-old health and wellness company with a Europe-wide presence. Based on the authentic and timeless wisdom of Ayurveda, we bring personalized nutrition and wellness solutions, by offering a wide range of natural products and services.

The wellbeing of one individual is directly related to the well being of society, their living space and even the universe, according to Ayurveda. That is why we created a wholesome, multi-layered approach to wellness that goes beyond only body care, by taking care of mind and spirit as well. Further than that—we want our products to have positive effects on society and the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

• How can I register as an affiliate?

Click here complete your information and submit

• Is there a minimum order value for coupons to work?

Yes, the minimum order value is 20 BGN in Bulgaria, and 25 EUR in the rest of Europe.

• Can I use my referral code additionally with another discount code?

No, you cannot combine your referral code with other discounts.

• Do my points have an expiry date?

Affiliate points will expire 2 years from the date they were earned.

• What can I do with my points?

You can use in your points in three ways:

1. Convert them to cash.

2. Convert them into coupons which you can use to buy products from the Sri Sri Tattva website (

3. Convert them into coupons which you can use to book an AOL course (Art of Silence or DSN).

• How long are coupons valid?

Coupons will expire in 30 days.

• What should I keep in mind while converting points to get products or book a course?

If you have less points than the actual price of the course (or product) you want to purchase, you will have to pay the difference in your country's currency.

Please note that, if you use more points than the actual price, you will not be able to get those points back.

• Once the coupon is generated, it can only be used for one transaction?

Once a coupon is generated, you cannot refund or encash it.

• When does the payout happen?

The payout will happen every 3 months except that the affiliate requests it in advance by email.