21 Days “Master Your Health” Program
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21 Days “Master Your Health” Program


    21 Days Online Guided Program: "Master Your Health: The Perfect Ayurveda Lifestyle for a Healthier and Younger You"

    Program start: 16 September 2021

    Choose to lead a healthy lifestyle and avoid and prevent illness in a natural way. Easy step-by step guide towards implementing a new and effective routine into your life and effective tools which will empower you to take back control over your health.

    21 Days * 12 Steps * 10 Live Sessions * 100+ Pages Handbook

    Recently, does it seem like you don’t have control over your health?

    Have you tried everything but nothing seems to work: you still feel tired, low on energy and your immunity drops at the slightest sign of stress?

    Don’t worry, we have a solution for you!

    What if we told you that all you need is a simple change in routine and your journey to health, youthfulness and longevity will begin! 


    21 Days to Effortlessly Level up your Health and Longevity

    Feeling good about yourself and taking care of your health are important for your self-esteem and self-image. Maintain a healthy lifestyle by doing what is right for you.

    This is a well-structured coaching program that shows you a step-by-step process to make permanent and lasting changes in your lifestyle, transforming your overall health.

    • time-tested
    • backed up by science
    • guided by an expert
    • supported by a group of participants with similar goals as yours
    • fast and sustainable change


    A Perfect Combo of

    • Daily and nightly routines
    • Tips on how to manage your diet
    • Ways to deal with stress
    • Sleep better, and much, much more
    • Full access to an exclusive participant group on Facebook with:
      Live meetings with our expert & regular Q&A session


    If this is You, you might want to reconsider changing your lifestyle habits

    • I’m constantly feeling tired
    • My immunity is low and I frequently get sick
    • I’m stuck in cravings
    • I cannot get rid of bad habits, no matter how much I try
    • I’m tired of struggling with my health for years and visiting several different physicians
    • I could need some extra self-love and boost my energy levels
    • I just want to feel a little lighter, fresher and fit
    • I want to have control over my health
    • Why does it always have to be so hard?

    How? The secret lies in a hidden ancient science of health and lifestyle, Ayurveda

    How Does this Program Work?

    The 12 Steps Method to reach your desired goals

    This is a highly optimized system designed to create sustainable change in your daily habits and patterns that impact your immunity, made as a step-by-step guide with easy to understand instructions on how to do ayurvedic practices and implement them in your every-day life.

    12 Steps to build a holistic approach towards health:

    1. Master your Mind and own your happiness
      Get introduced to Ayurveda and open your mind to a different approach to health.
    1. Master your Body and treat it like a temple
      From mind to body: discover your Dosha and make the first practical steps.
    1. Master your Dinacharya: start the day on the right foot
      Ayurvedic Morning routine and hygiene, understanding the Dosha Clock.
    1. Master your Ratricharya: it's more than just brushing your teeth
      Evening routine and methods of relaxation before bedtime.
    1. Master your Sleep: no more tossing and turning
      Learn the importance of proper sleep, with the help of special mudras and meditation.
    1. Master your Energy Levels: turn on your inner power button
      Significance of the three Gunas and how to raise energy levels.
    1. Master your Stress & Relaxation: show off your chill skills
      Get to know ways to effectively handle stress and how and when to relax.
    1. Master your Diet & Digestion: good food equals good mood
      Diet guidelines according to your Prakriti and the truth about alkaline water.
    1. Master your Immunity: build your own bulletproof vest
      Learn about detoxification methods and how and when to do them.
    1. Master your Habits and break up with bad ones for good
      Include good habits and get tips on how to overcome bad habits with Ayurveda.
    1. Master your Relationships: be your most authentic self
      Get insight on how your own well-being impacts your surroundings.
    1. Master your Ritucharya: get over the seasonal blues
      Learn how to adapt your newly learned routines to the changing of seasons.


    Program Overview

    Every two days you will receive instructional emails for your 21 days “Master Your Health” Program. These lessons will also contain specific routines for you to follow, some accompanied by videos.

    Every email will provide instructions for the practical part. Just by following the first few routines you will get a glimpse into the life-changing transformation we are here to achieve. A feeling of freedom and well-being will increase as you advance through the program.

    You will also have access to Live sessions, questions & answers meetings and full access to a community with other students of this program. You are being guided and supported, get in touch with us anytime.

    Here’s everything you get when you enroll today:

    • Complete 21 days program designed to return you to your most natural healthy state
    • Guidance by our Ayurveda expert and mentors
    • Community support and exclusive Facebook group for participants
    • An unconditional 10-day money-back guarantee, so you can be sure this program is the perfect fit for you with no risk on your part
    • Live sessions via Facebook and Questions & Answers meetings with our experts
    • All extra materials included: daily planners with routines and additional recommendations for specific conditions, guided meditations, yoga postures, mudras, pranayamas, and bonus content via pdfs and videos.
    • Customer support whenever you need help, so you know you are always taken care of.

    2 Packages available:

    1) Standard Package: 

    • All-inclusive program as described above

    2) Premium Package:

    • Standard Package, plus:
    • 5 personalized 1:1 online meetings with Vaidya Rakesh:
    • Before the program starts (personal guidance, inspiration, challenges)
    • 3 weekly meetings (progress check)
    • After the program (personal diet and lifestyle recommendations for the future)
    • Customization of the plans shared in the program to your specific goals and needs.

    Your trainer:
    The program will be guided by Ayurveda expert Vaidya Rakesh

    Program Start: 16 September 2021

    249 € for Standard Package 
    479€ for Premium Package

    Start your 21 days journey of Mastering Your Health!

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