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    Online (Live) Holistic Cancer Management Workshop with Vaidya Nisha Manikantan

    Vaidya Nisha Manikantan is still not done with teaching us how to take our health to another level with Ayurveda and a holistic approach to wellness. She is still at...

    Ayurvedic Cooking Masterclass with Wayne Featherstone

    Online class Duration: 60 mins Ayurvedic Cooking Masterclass with Wayne Featherstone: Secrets of spice use revealed  Know your spices and how to use them Ayurvedic spices and their properties Tarka...

    Online Class

    Discover the key principles of Ayurveda and natural ways to boost immunity, increase energy levels and live a healthy lifestyle! Meet Mr Rakesh Zope, our Ayurveda consultant, through this 30...

    Online Class

    Online Class | The basics of Ayurvedic Lifestyle (Dinacharya) | With Vaidya ShrutiThe tradition of Dinacharya (daily routine) is one of the single most powerful Ayurvedic tools for improving overall...
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