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Kabasura Kudineer| 60 Tablets | 500mg


Amruth 60 Tablets | Giloy Tablets | Guduchi Amrutha Amrita | Tinospora Cordifolia Plant


Ghee | Clarified butter


Pure Turmeric Powder 52g | Ayurveda Spice for cooking, teas and Golden Latte | With Premium Curcumin Root from India


Harmonizing Oil | All Skin Types (Tridosha)


Premium Virgin Coconut Oil | 300ml


Ayush-64 | 60 Tablets | 500mg


Quin Bite Bio Hazelnut | Raw Bars | Box with 12 bars

Ayurvedic Immunity Kit

This kit by Sri Sri Tattva is not just made up of vitamins or pills. This is a supplementary diet option that will enhance the power of metabolization of your body and cleanse it. Also, empowering your body to maintain emotional and physical health and, as well, increasing the capacity of nutrient absorption.

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Ayurveda & The Goal of Sri Sri Tattva

Sri Sri Tattva comes with a goal of promoting health and wellness to every household.
Ayurveda, the indigenous health care system from ancient India was the first recorded medical science on earth. Since its existence, which is dated thousands of years before now, Ayurveda has effectively catered to the needs of millions in two categories of Health care – the Preventive and Curative.

In 2020 event Harvard article spoke about overall wellbeing which has been the essence of Ayurveda since the beginning. Sri Sri Tattva aims to revive this science keeping the needs and requirements of today’s generation.