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    Brahmi Tablets

    VEGAN’S  DELIGHT- Sri Sri Tattva’s brahmi tablets are 100% vegan made with pure Bacopa plant powder.   40+ YEARS OF AYURVEDA EXPERTISE: Our parent company Sri Sri Tattva India holds...

    Shakti Drops

    Sri Sri tattva’s Shakti Drops is created using 8 Ayurvedic herbs. Shakti Drops is one of our leading products prepared by Ayuvedic procedures to the best interest of our customers. About the...

    Ashwagandha Tablets

    100% VEGAN- All our herbal food supplements products including ashwagandha tablets are 100 % vegan.   EXCELLENT PRICE-PERFORMANCE RATIO: High-quality Ashwagandha tablets (also called sleeping berry) contains dried Ashwagandha roots...

    NAOQ19 Tablets

    Introducing NAOQ19 a carefully formulated blend of powerful ingredients Quantity: 60 tablets   Note: Important Product Information Ayurveda has a very different approach as compared to western science. Our customers must...

    Amruth Tablets

    VEGETARIAN TABLETS - All our products including Amruth Giloy tablets at Sri Sri Tattva are 100% vegetarian.   FOUR DECADES OF AYURVEDA EXPERTISE: Our parent company Sri Sri Tattva India...

    Haritaki Tablets

    Not only Ayurveda, but Haritaki Tablets has its roots and uses in Buddhism as well. Buddhist regard Haritaki as the “Illuminating Nectar” and Lord Buddha is quite often seen holding...


     About the Shankapushpi The herb Shanka pushpi is also known as Convolvulus Pluricalis. It is a purple-coloured mild flower with 12inches long densely hair all over the shoot. If rubbed,...

    Deva Vati Tablets

    Deva Vati Tablets are a combination of essential herbs such as giloy, ashwagandha and bhringraj. Dev Vati was developed to also balance the Ayurveda tridosha.   VEGAN: All our Ayurvedic herbal...

    Kanchanara Tablets

    The kanchanara is a very beautiful tree that grows in India. Moreover it acts on balancing the three Doshas. Sri Sri Tattva manufactures Kanchanara tablets with high-quality Kanchanara powder, which...

    Anu Taila Nasal Drops

    Anu Taila known as Tridosha Shamak is made from a combination of many Ayurvedic herbs. Balance Tridoshas: Anu Taila is useful in Vata, Pitta, Kapha imbalances as it is known to...

    Narayana Kalpa Tablets

    Narayana Kalpa is a mixture of herbs, containing Yashtimadhu, Shankhpushpi, Shatavari, Ashwagandha, Brahmi, Amalaki, Ajwain and Guduchi / Giloy.   Quantity: 60 tablets   Note: Important Product Information Ayurveda has...

    Amla Tablets

    Amla or Phyllanthus Emblica has the highest concentration of Vit C as compared to any other edible plant. It is a powerful rejuvenator, helps balance stomach acids and promotes the...

    Chyawanprash Lehya

    Chyawanprash is a blend of 40 unique herbs such as Amla, Neem, Brahmi, Saffron. It is made by an age-old technique passed on through generations by the ancient sages of...

    Liv-On Tablets

    VEGAN FRIENDLY: The Liv-On tablets by Sri Sri Tattva are ayurvedic formulations 100% vegan.  PERFECT QUANTITY AND PRICE QUALITY: Sri Sri Tattva's Liv-On tablets come to you in a pack...

    Yashtimadhu Tablets

    Yashtimadhu tablets are made from liquorice root extracts. These roots are extensively used in India for their strong aroma and taste. The roots are brown in colour and have green...

    Satavari Tablets

    VEGAN-FRIENDLY PRODUCT: Sri Sri Tattva Satavari Tablets are vegan and cruelty-free.   PRICE-PERFORMANCE RATIO: Satavari Tablets are made in strict and controlled manufacturing guidelines of quality and hygiene.   MADE...

    Sandhimitra Vati

    About the Sandhimitra Vati Sandhimitra Vati is one of our leading products. Some of the herbs in Sandhimitra vati are as follows:   Shodit Shallaki It is also known by the term...

    Bilwa Tablets

    Bilwa tablets are made from the fruit of the tree of the same name. The latter is widespread in South Asia. It is also one of the main ingredients in...

    Punarnava Tablets

      According to Ayurveda, Punarnava means rejuvenation. Punarnava Tablets are an ayurvedic preparation in tablet format. Commonly known as Hogweed, Sterling, Tarvine in English, Mukarati Kirei in Tamil, Raktakunda, and...

    Avipattikara Churna

      The Avipattikara Churna is a mixture of the most widely used herbs in Ayurveda (amla, behada, vidanga, ginger, etc.). Avipattikara Churna is elaborated by our experts. Amla, which is one of the...

    Triphala Churna

    About the Triphala Churna The main component of Triphala Churna is amla, which is also known as Indian gooseberry. This berry-like fruit is green in colour and is sour in...

    Neem Tablets

    Neem, the key component of Neem Tablets, or Azadirachta Indica is one of the most extensively used compounds in ayurvedic treatments. Its most famous use is in different types of...
    Medhya Rasayana Syrup

    Medhya Rasayana Syrup

    An extremely potent ayurvedic syrup, which is made up of 8 different forms of herbs. Medhya Rasayana Syrup is completely natural and is vegan in nature. Medhya Rasayana Syrup contains Ashwagandha,...

    Navahridaya Kalpa Tablets

    Navahridaya Kalpa is an ayurvedic proprietary formulation from Sri Sri Tattva. It is a perfect blend of 11 Ayurvedic herbs. The Navahridaya Kalpa tablets are made from the powder of authentic Ayurvedic Herbs....

    Amlapittari Vati Tablets

    Amlapittari Vati is a composition of several herbs: Shankha Bhasma, Yastimadhu, Guduchi Satva and Amla. In Sanskrit, the shankha bhasma is called Samudraja which means “found in the ocean”. Guduchi...

    Vedanantaka Liniment

    About the Vedanantaka Liniment Vedanantaka Liniment is a combination of different Ayurvedic components, such as Pinda taila, Dhanvantaram taila and Narayana taila. Vedanantaka Liniment is applied directly in the skin following...

    Raktashodhini Vati

    About the Raktashodhini Vati Raktashodhini Vati is an exclusive herbal formulation made by Sri Sri Tattva. It is made up of several herbs, well known in the world of Ayurveda: Sariva,...

    Oorja Tablets

    SUITABLE FOR VEGETARIANS AND MADE BY MEDITATORS - All our products including Moringa Tablets at Sri Sri Tattva called Oorja are sourced from our trusted partner in India. Our products...

    Kalamegh Tablets

    Kalamegh comes from the Andropraphis paniculata family and it is important in Ayurvedic therapy. The origin of the plant is often Asian countries. This plant in itself has a slightly...

    Sitopaladi Churna

      About the Sitopaladi Churna Sitopaladi Churna consists of bamboo manna (Bambousa arundinacae), pippali (known as Asian long pepper), cardamom and cinnamon. Bamboo is a delicacy in the southern part...

    Ashwagandhadi Tablets

    Ashwagandhadi is one of the most famous compositions in Ayurveda. Made from ashwagandha, which comes from the Whitania Somniferia Dunal family. One of its names in Sanskrit, Balya, means "to increase...

    Sri Netra Eye Drops

    Size: 5ml   Note: Important Product Information Ayurveda has a very different approach as compared to western science. Our customers must note due to European laws and regulations, not all applications...

    Rasnadi Vati

    About the Rasnadi Vati Rasna, the most important constituent of Rasnadi Vati is also known as “Yukta” in Ayurveda. It is known as a versatile aromatic plant. It is an undershrub...

    Chandraprabha Vati Tablets

    Chandraprabha Vati has a mixed composition of ayurvedic herbs.   Quantity: 60 tablets   Note: Important Product Information Ayurveda has a very different approach as compared to western science. Our customers...

    Hingvastaka Churna

    Hingvastaka Churna is a preparation based on several herbs known for their ayurvedic virtues. It contains hing, also called "Asafoetida", which is effective in the balance of the doshas Kapha...

    Haridra Khanda Churna/Powder

     Haridra Khanda is a unique Ayurvedic herbal powder formula. Some of the herbs in Haridra Khanda Powder are as follows: Turmeric:The use of turmeric used in Haridra Khanda dates back...

    Arjuna Tablets

    VEGAN PRODUCT -  Our Arjuna tablets at Sri Sri Tattva are 100% Vegan friendly.   SOURCED DIRECTLY FROM INDIA: Our parent company Sri Sri Tattva India holds 40 years+ of...

    Kasahari Cough Syrup

      Kasahari Cough Syrup is a unique herbal formulation that contains a mix of herbs selected by Ayurvedic experts. Sri Sri Tattva’s Kasahari Cough Syrup has the key ingredients: Kantakari, Tulasi...

    Tulasi Tablets

    SUITABLE FOR VEGETARIANS - All our products including Tulasi tablets at Sri Sri Tattva are suitable for vegetarians.  MADE BY MEDITATORS AND AYURVEDA ENTHUSIAST - Our Holy Basil supplement is...

    Nisaamlaki Tablet

    The Sri Sri Tattva Nisaamlaki Tablets are made from Indian turmeric and amla fruit. Turmeric is a root plant common in India. The amla fruit is popularly known as Indian...

    Trayodanshaga Guggulu Tablets

      About the Trayodanshaga Guggulu Trayodanshaga Guggulu is one of our leading products prepared by Ayuvedic procedures to the best interest of our customers. Key Ingredients Extracts Abha Twak Ashwagandha Hapusha Guduchi...

    Bringaraj Tablets

    The bringaraj is a plant that grows wild in the tropics. It is also called "the false daisy" because of the white flower in the middle, which is similar to...

    Sigru tablets

    Several varieties of moringa can be found in nature: the one used in our Sigru Tablets is the "moringa oleifera". It grows all over the countries of tropical Asia and...
    Pachani Rasayana | 100ml / 200ml

    Pachani Rasayana

      Ginger is the main component of the Pachani Rasayana. Ginger is a root plant famous in India for cooking and medicinal purposes. Ginger has six main varieties and the...
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