Creating a Community Where Health and Well-Being Thrive

We have a dream . . . to spread and share natural health solutions to people in 

Europe by making YOU an ACE in Ayurveda.

Our Vision & Mission

Project ACE stands for Ambassadors, Champions & Enthusiasts, and was started with a vision to create a healthy community of Ayurveda enthusiasts in Europe. Sri Sri Tattva Europe is dedicated to introducing Ayurveda as a holistic health solution across Europe and creating a thriving community of healthy and happy individuals.

Our mission is to train an ever growing team of affiliates who will promote Ayurveda and Sri Sri Tattva's natural products. This is a great opportunity for people who are passionate about Ayurveda and want to help others live healthier and happier lives, with the added benefit of earning a side income along the way.

As an ACE affiliate, you can:

  • help people learn about the benefits of Ayurveda and Sri Sri Tattva products 
  • collect redeemable points through referral codes.
  • exchange your points for AOL courses (Art of Silence, DSN) and Sri Sri Tattva products and services .
  • bring Ayurveda to a wider audience and make it more accessible and affordable for everyone.
  • build a community of Ayurveda enthusiasts.
  • get continuous training.
  • receive materials which will make your sales pitch.

Community & Cooperation

Build your community and introduce them to Ayurveda and the goodness of Sri Sri Tattva's products, along with simple and natural wellness solutions.

Health & Happiness

Play an essential role in a vision where every person has easy and affordable access to natural health solution.

Impact & Income

Grab your chance to earn a side income through referral codes, which in turn gives 

your customers access to discounted prices.

Grow With Us

Grow your knowledge, skills & network

Grow your passion and find your purpose

Would you consider yourself an Ayurveda enthusiast? Or at least have an interest in Ayurveda and natural health?

Is your answer 'yes'?

Congratulations, you are eligible to be a part of the ACE affiliate program!

We want you to grow with us and help us create a supportive environment for anyone and everyone who wants to be a part of the holistic health movement powered by Ayurveda.

Here's the scoop on ACE

There are three tiers in the ACE programme.  You can start by being an 

Enthusiast and later grow into a Champion and finally into an Ambassador.

Enthusiast: Gain training, sell SST products, and earn commissions.

Champion: Enjoy higher commissions and a broader range of SST products and services.

Ambassador: Turn this into a lucrative side hustle opportunity.

In a nutshell, this is a chance to:


about holistic health solutions and natural product.


some extra cash and perks.


your dear and near ones into Ayurveda lovers who lead sustainable and healthy lifestyles.

How can you join?

Follow the below simple steps:

1. Register on Tapfiliate. Via Tapfiliate, you can also view your profile & tier status while tracking your sales and managing your points and commission. You can also access training materials including product details.

2. Generate your unique coupon. 

3. Share your code.

4. Start collecting!

For more information on eligibility, please write to Konstantin Dragov at konstantin@srisritattva.eu

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I register as an affiliate?

Just go to srisritattva.tapfiliate.com and submit your registration.

Is there a minimum order value for coupons to work?

Yes, the minimum order value is 20 BGN in Bulgaria, 10 GBP in the UK, 70 PLN in Poland, and 10 EUR in the rest of Europe.

Can I use my referral code additionally with another discount code?

No, you cannot combine your referral code with other discounts.

Do my points have an expiry date?

Affiliate points will expire 2 years from the date they were earned.

What can I do with my points?

You can use in your points in three ways:

1. Convert them to cash.

2. Convert them into coupons which you can use to buy products from the Sri Sri Tattva website (www.srisritattva.eu).

3. Convert them into coupons which you can use to book an AOL course (Art of Silence or DSN).

How long are coupons valid?

Coupons will expire in 30 days.

What should I keep in mind while converting points to get products or book a course?

If you have less points than the actual price of the course (or product) you want to purchase, you will have to pay the difference in your country's currency.

Please note that, if you use more points than the actual price, you will not be able to get those points back.

Once the coupon is generated, it can only be used for one transaction?

Once a coupon is generated, you cannot refund or encash it.

Coupons have a validity of 30 days.

• When does the payout happen?

Once the ACE affiliate sends the invoice, the payout will happen in 15 days.