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Ghee | Geklaarde boter

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Ghee is a traditional ingredient in Ayurvedic cuisine. Ghee, or clarified butter, can be used as a healthy alternative to regular butter, as it contains less lactose, impurities and a higher smoke point. In the Ayurvedic tradition, it is believed that Ghee carries medicinal properties and can be used as a remedy in different treatments. It pacifies Pitta and Vata and is acceptable, in moderation, for Kapha.

Sri Sri Tattva Ghee is made according to the traditional method of south Asian cuisines but produced in Europe following strict hygiene and safety measures. It has a nutty touch and a very fine and soft texture. You can buy our product in two different variations 270g or 480g.
This golden liquid has low sugar content and lactose level since the milk solids and the impurities are removed. It can be easily digested by people sensitive to dairy products or following keto, paleo, gluten-free or ayurvedic diets. 

How to use Ghee? 

Use Ghee to fry and create delicious dishes! It can also be used in place of oil for cooking food, sautéing and deep-frying. It has a higher resistance to heat than regular butter, making it a suitable product for frying at high-temperature.
Use it melted in toasts replacing regular butter. 
Add it to soups, vegetables and any other dish for extra flavour and health.
Use it to bake cakes, cookies and other desserts.
Ghee can be added to sauces, fudges, granolas and porridge. 
Use it in beauty recipes! Ghee can be used as a nourishing ingredient for beauty home recipes, e.g. Hair masks, skin preparations and more.

How to make Ghee? 

It is prepared by heating the butter at a high temperature, which separates the butter into fats (liquid in nature), milk solids and impurities. The liquid fat attained is pure fat, also known as the clarified cow butter. The other contents which are the milk solids and the impurities are not used. 

Storage: Cool, dry, dark place. Use within 60 days after opening.

Ingredients: 100% cow's butter.

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