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Why Sri Sri Tattva?

We are a 40-year-old health and wellness company with a Europe-wide presence. Based on the authentic and timeless wisdom of Ayurveda, we bring you personalized nutrition and wellness solutions, by offering a wide range of natural products and services.

The wellbeing of one individual is directly related to the well being of society, their living space and even the universe, according to Ayurveda. That is why we created a wholesome, multi-layered approach to wellness that goes beyond only body care, by taking care of mind and spirit as well. Further than that—we want our products to have positive effects on society and the environment.


The wisdom we share comes from a long tradition of authentic Ayurveda practitioners. We took that knowledge, refined it and created new reliable, modern and natural products and services.


Health is a personal journey crafted by your own individual needs. Ayurveda is your closest companion on that journey, giving your life longevity and above all, quality.


As strong believers in giving back to society, we actively support humanitarian and environmental causes, with an aim to uphold uncompromising planet-friendly practices in our business, from sourcing to packaging.

Meet our Consultants


We are very proud to present our team of Ayurveda consultants. With years of practical experience in Europe, our consultants completed 6-8 years of studies and have a Bachelor's degree in Ayurvedic science from India - the birthplace of this ancient healing system. Our consultant team is the link between ancient holistic science and the needs of today’s modern society, offering skills and knowledge to guide you on a journey into the world of Ayurvedic health and wellbeing.
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