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    Brown Top Millet

    Browntop millet is one of rarest millets now. It is gluten-free, has low GI and so its consumption reduces cholesterol. It is rich in fibre, iron, calcium, magnesium and many minerals...

    Barnyard Millet

    Barnyard Millet is a small white-shaped seed and is a good source of protein, carbohydrate, fiber, and, most notably, contains more micronutrients (iron and zinc) than other major cereals. At Sri...

    Urad Dal With Skin(Black Gram)

    €6.95 €5.00
    Urad dal is one of the richest sources of proteins and Vitamin B. Urad dal is also good for women as it has iron, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, potassium which...

    Kodo Millets

    Kodo millet is repository of nutrients, a great substitute for rice and wheat. Kodo millets are an impressive source of powerful antioxidants. At Sri Sri Tattva, we ensure that the natural...

    Split pigeon peas

    €6.95 €5.50
    Also known as “toor dal,” Split Pigeon Peas are one of the most popular pulses . These hulled, split legumes break down easily when cooked, making them an ideal thickener for...

    Proso Millets

    Proso millet, also called as the white millet, hog millet or Kashif millet is widely grown and consumed in India. It is sold as a health food. At Sri Sri...

    Foxtail Millets

    Foxtail millet like other millets is a powerhouse of nutrition. Rich in Vitamin B12, these tiny seeds can offer you a daily dose of ample protein good fat, carbs and amazing dietary...

    Finger Millets(Ragi)

    Finger Millet is commonly known as Ragi. It has become a part of the diet in most households in India due to its impressive nutritional value.Finger millet is well recognized...

    Urad Dal(Black gram without skin)

    €6.95 €5.50
    Urad dal or split gram dal is a staple ingredient and rightly so for the numerous health benefits it offers. Urad ki dal is used to make breakfast dishes like Idli,...

    Split Green Gram with Skin(Moong Dal Chilka)

    €6.95 €5.50
    Split moong beans or green moong dal is green gram that has been split but not skinned. Since the husk is not removed completely, the green color is retained. At Sri Sri Tattva, we ensure that the...

    Red Lentils

    €6.95 €5.00
    Red lentils are tiny, reddish-orange legumes that cook quickly, making them a perfect ingredient for quick, healthy dinners. The flavor is mild, earthy and slightly sweet. At Sri Sri Tattva,...

    Kidney Beans(Rajma)

    €8.95 €6.50
    Named for their red color and their shape, kidney beans are a type of legume that commonly comes in two varieties: light red and dark red. They are an excellent plant-based source of...

    Pink lentils

    €6.95 €5.50
    Pink lentils have tan hulls, like brown lentils; the hull is usually removed and the lentils split into halves before cooking, leaving behind a lentil with color ranging from pink to...

    Moong Dal

    €6.95 €5.50
    Moong Dal is also known as Green Gram Beans when whole, Split Green Gram when split with the skin on and as Split and Skinned Green Gram when de-skinned (yellow).  It is enriched...

    Kabuli Chana

    €6.95 €5.50
    Kabuli chana is considered to be one of the earliest cultivated legumes. It looks type of like a wrinkled hazelnut.  White chickpeas are one of the most well-known edible legumes...

    Green Gram whole

    €6.95 €5.50
    Green gram dal is used in traditional Indian and Southeast Asian cuisine, where it is used to make dough or as the primary ingredient to soups, stews and curries. High...

    Bengal gram Chana Dal

    €6.95 €4.50
    Bengal gram or Chana dal is also known as split chickpeas . It derives from black chickpeas which are split with the outer covering removed. The resulting lentils are a bright golden...
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