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    Kumkumadi Oil | Shankara Cosmetics

    Kumkumadi Oil

    With a rich combination of ingredients, Kumkumadi oil will prove to be the best ally in the fight against the ravages of time on your skin. You will enjoy the...
    Muscle Release Oil | All Skin Types (Tridosha)

    Muscle Release Oil

    This massage oil will accompany you after each sports session. Shankara offers you its product, composed of natural plant oils, which will restore your muscle tissue and help for your...
    Calming Body Oil | Rich Repair (Vata)

    Calming Body Oil

    The Calming Body Oil is the perfect partner after a long day. Made with essential oils, chosen by the experts at Shankara, and rich in antioxidants. By using this oil,...
    Harmonizing Oil | All Skin Types (Tridosha)

    Harmonizing Oil

    Enjoy the enchanting scent of massage oil by Shankara and harmonise your mental and physical balance. The Harmonizing Oil has been specially designed for women. By acting on the three...

    Hair and Scalp Oil

    Renew the health of your hair with the Hair and Scalp Oil, Shankara offers you its product, composed of natural plant oils, which will regenerate your hair and get shinier....
    Soothing Body Oil | Fine Line (Pitta)

    Soothing Body Oil

    This body oil is made to attenuate irritability, anger, and over critical thinking. Made from natural herbal oils, this body oil from Shankara, will help de-stress instantly. Rich in antioxidants...

    Anti-Age Serum

    Give your face a revitalizing and fresh effect by using this anti aging serum. This Anti-Age Serum will enable you to significantly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles...

    Nourishing Foot Oil

    With its combination of exceptional ingredients, Nourishing Foot Oil will allow you to reinvigorate your feet and keep them ideally hydrated. Made with Neem, Manjista, and Tea Tree, Nourishing Foot...

    Aura Deodorant - Vetiver

    The Aura deodorant, a 100% natural product, brings relief to your skin from the irritations created by industrial irritants. Designed to work in harmony with your body's biology, it is...

    Fine Line Moisturizer

    Let your skin discover the pleasure of using a 100% Fine Line Moisturizer. It is a concentrate made with nutrients and antioxidants that will invigorate your skin. The presence of...

    Anti-Age Eye Cream

    Say goodbye to imperfections around your eyes with Anti-Age Eye Cream. The combination of antioxidants and nutrients will revitalize the contours of your eyes and make imperfections disappear. The combination...
    Sundarya Body Oil

    Sundarya Body Oil

    Sundarya Body oil, an exceptionally rich oil, offers you the quality of several luxurious flowers and their benefits to magnify your skin. A sensual and pleasant to the touch result...

    Aura Deodorant - Ylang-Ylang

    The Aura deodorant made with natural ingredients is designed to work in harmony with your body's biology. It is alcohol, chemical, and aluminum-free to keep your skin fresh and healthy....

    Hydrating Cleanser

    Restore radiance to your skin with the Hydrating Cleanser from Shankara Cosmetics. This skin cleanser will hydrate and protect your skin with its active ingredients. Composed with Aloe Vera,it is...
    Energizing Body Oil | Balance (Kapha)

    Energizing Body Oil

    Make the stress of long days disappear by taking advantage of the restorative virtues of the Energizing Body Oil. Light on the skin, it will allow your body to revitalize...
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