Ojasvita Chocolate
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Ojasvita Chocolate

Ojasvita Chocolate 200g | Powder Drink

  • YUMMY CHOCOLATE WITH HEALTH: Ojasvita is the ultimate combination of good health and great taste. Chocolate Ojasvita is a perfect blend of that also suitable for kids. Ojasvita Chocolates contain 7 Ayurvedic herbs. 

  • AYURVEDIC APPROACH: With growing trends in Ayurveda and more and more people opting for natural alternatives. Ojasvita Chocolate is the perfect blend to handle modern-day issues using ancient yet effective Indian Herbs.

  • Make Your Own Perfect Drink with Ojasvita Chocolate:

  • Hot Chocolate Drink: Mix 1-2 teaspoonfuls of Ojasvita Chocolate in hot milk and serve along with some nice pancakes or in evening along with a few nuts for a wholesome meal and you may top it with chocolate chips or even use some dark chocolate to enhance chocolate flavour. 

  • Ojasvita Chocolate Shake: Take 1 cup of fresh milk, Chocolate chips, Almonds and a few ice cubes. Put them in Blender and serve cold on a hot summer evening. Top it with some Ojasvita powder while serving.

  • Vegan Alternative: Make your own Ojasvita Chocolate drink using Almond or Coconut milk

  • Note: Important Product Information

    Ayurveda has a very different approach as compared to modern medical science. Hence certain aspects may differ from western knowledge. Our customers must note due to European laws and regulations, not all applications of our products may be listed on our website. Information about the health effects of products should be separated from the promotion of products. Also, many aspects of Ayurveda are based on principles and perspectives that differ from allopathic western medical science. 

      About the Herbs

      The Power of 7 Herbs used in Ojasvita Chocolate are:

      • Ashwagandha
      • Brahmi
      • Bhringaraj
      • Jyotishmati
      • Kali Musli
      • Shatavari
      • Shankapushpi
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