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    Ashwagandha Combo

    €35.90 €28.72
    High-quality Ashwagandha tablets (also called sleeping berry) contains dried Ashwagandha roots carefully selected and comes in a package containing 60 Tablets with 500mg Ashwagandha and may last for a month...

    Triphala combo

    €35.90 €28.72
    PURELY VEGETARIAN - Sri Sri Tattva’s Triphala tablets are suitable for vegetarians.   SUPPORTS A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE - Our Triphala tablets are made from pure herbal powder later binded together in tablet...

    Oral care combo - 2x copper Tongue cleaner and 2x Sudanta toothpaste

    €19.80 €15.84
    Smile confidently with Sri Sri Tattva’s Sudanta Toothpaste, for complete oral care. Its Ayurvedic herbal formulation supports in taking care of daily dental care and gives a long lasting freshness...

    Immunity combo - Chyawanprash, Shakti Drop and Ayush-64

    €56.85 €45.48
    Chyawanprash is a blend of 40 unique herbs such as Amla, Neem, Brahmi, Saffron. It is made by an age-old technique passed on through generations by the ancient sages of...
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