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Self Healing Acupressure Therapy - Hand and Foot Reflexology Live Course


    What is self healing acupressure therapy - hand and foot reflexology

    The palm and the sole of your foot, has reflex for the whole of the body. Just by pressing the reflex points, you will be able to heal your organs inside. Hand  and foot reflexology covers 45+ different such pressure points in the body in order to treat some common health disorders. This is an observational science and is a part of acupressure. It induces self-healing to protect and correct the physiological imbalances; balances the flow of energy; relieves pain, & brings about deep relaxation.

    This technique is very easy and can not only be used to heal others but also to heal yourself.

    Why learn hand and foot reflexology

    The daily grind of life puts the mind and body under a continuous stream of stress which affects the body systems of digestion, nervous, respiratory and others. Hand and Foot Reflexology helps to protect and correct the physiological imbalances by stimulating the nervous system.

    By pressing different areas on hand and foot, the flow of energy/Qi is restored throughout the body. Endorphins are produced which relieves stress, promotes deep relaxation and thereby induce healing. You will be able to learn these techniques by attending our 4 days workshop , 2 hours each day.

    How will you be benefitted from this Hand and Foot Reflexology workshop?

    • Improved blood circulation
    • Balanced energy of the body
    • Banishing of fatigue and weakness
    • Improved digestion
    • Increased immunity
    • Relief from joint pains- neck, shoulder, back, knee, ankle & foot, heel
    • Hand and Foot Reflexology workshop helps relieves arthritis
    • Mitigates menstrual pains
    • Alleviation of sinus and headaches
    • Reduction in allergy symptoms
    • Hand and Foot Reflexology workshop helps balanced sleep patterns
    • Deep relaxation
    • Hand and Foot Reflexology workshop improve overall Well-being

    About the faculty

    Dr. Shraddha Singtamkar is a senior Art of Living Faculty. She is a graduate in Bachelor Of Physiotherapy( B.P.T ; M.I.A.P ), has obtained a Master Diploma in Acupressure,Master Diploma in Acupuncture, Master Diploma in Ear Acupressure, Diploma in hand and Foot Reflexology. She has more than 15 years of experience in Physiotherapy in Gynaecology and Obstetrics. She has worked as Consultant with Care Hospitals( Cardiac Care centre) , Hyderabad and Shantabai maternity nursing home ; KGH hospital.


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