2 Days Ayurvedic Cooking Course in Bad Antogast

Embark on a wellness journey with a 2 days course in Ayurvedic cooking.Good health and well-being, a balanced lifestyle, a sense of happiness, and vitality – isn't that what we...
Embark on a wellness journey with a 2 days course in Ayurvedic cooking.

Good health and well-being, a balanced lifestyle, a sense of happiness, and vitality – isn't that what we all desire? Rest assured, with this aspect of Ayurveda, you will find exactly what you need to achieve a naturally balanced and happy life. We, at Sri Sri Tattva Europe, are here to guide you step by step.
You will learn how to implement Ayurvedic principles of balance into your kitchen and daily routine, starting even before the course itself.
In this two-day course, with 4.5 hours each day, we will prepare and enjoy 14 recipes, including soup, curry, salad, savory pancake, sweet dish, snack, and beverage.
During the course, you will:
  • Discover your motivations and personal health goals.
  • Chart a path to health and learn how to achieve and maintain it.
  • Embrace the importance of a healthy gut balance and digestive fire.
  • Explore the balance of meal timing and food combinations.Discover the profound impact of Ayurveda on your body, mind, and spirit, becoming the best version of yourself – healthy, balanced, and vital!

Preparation before the course:
In the days leading up to the course, prepare for this enriching experience by adopting these guidelines on diet and lifestyle:
Reset your natural clock: Adjust your bedtime to embrace the philosophy of "early to bed and early to rise," resetting your internal clock for better well-being.
Nourish in a light way: Opt for easily digestible foods like fresh vegetables, fruits, lentils, soup, basmati rice, or quinoa. Feel inner lightness as you make conscious decisions.
Detoxify your body: Avoid heavy-to-digest foods like cheese, yogurt, and meat. Begin experiencing a brighter, livelier version of yourself.
Radiant living: Avoid smoking, alcohol, and drugs. Start your day with a brighter perspective, paving the way for a healthier lifestyle.

The course takes place in Bad Antogast. Surrounded by nature, in a positive atmosphere, we offer you an experience that you will never forget!

About chef Wayne, your course facilitator:
Wayne was born in the United Kingdom, with roots in the Caribbean and India. His training as a chef was in Holland. After working as a chef in several restaurants in Holland and France he specialized in Ayurveda in which he was trained in India, Canada and Holland.
Since 2006, Wayne Featherstone has been traveling throughout Europe, the Caribbean and Dubai conducting workshops, courses, trainings, and lectures about the effect of food on our mood and how by attending to our personal constitution we can establish a healthier and happier life, all based on Ayurveda.

The number of seats for this course is limited due to its quality. Reserve your spot.
We look forward to cooking with you!


  • 28 - 29 October (arrival by 27 of October)


  • Price: 249€*

*The price do not include accommodation. For accommodation booking, please write to info@artofliving.de