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    Vind je innerlijke kracht: Hoe meditatie je kan helpen in deze veranderende wereld

    Over het boek: Meditatie is tegenwoordig geen luxe, het is een noodzaak, een pandemie, klimaatverandering, fake news: meditatie is in deze turbulente wereld geen luxe meer, het is een noodzaak,...

    The Unknown Edge - Rajita Kulkarni

    Straight from her heart…“What is The Unknown Edge that separates the mystical from the mundane, the life-transforming from the life-threatening, the ethereal from the earthly”Rajita Kulkarni is a successful banker...

    Wende deinen Blick nach innen: Meditieren, um in einer turbulenten Welt inneren Frieden zu finden

    Über das Buch: Die Folgen der globalen Ereignisse wirken sich auf unsere Gesundheit, Beziehungen, Produktivität und vor allem auf unseren inneren Frieden aus. In Zeiten wie diesen müssen wir mehr...

    Looking Inward: How to Find Calm in a Chaotic World

    About the book: The world as we know it in 2021 is worse than anything we have seen so far. Global warming, a pandemic, misinformation spreading like wildfires, fake news,...

    An Intimate Note To The Sincere Seeker

    About the book: Great teachers have the quality of simplifying complex subjects and making them understandable for anyone. For an enlightened master, the subject is all of life and everything...

    Sita: A Tale of Ancient Love from Indian mythology & Hindu folklore and legends

    Update - As of 14 Apr 2022 this book is on pre-order only. Books will be delivered from 05 May 2022 The vibration of the sacred sound of her beloved's name,...
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